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Nude Shadows for Brown Skin

There are few things that I utilize more in my makeup arsenal than nude and neutral eyeshadows. I LIVE for a bold lip color, so a nude eye is necessary to balance things out. But don’t think that a nude eye look has to be boring. With the right shade and texture, not to mention […]

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5 Fabulous Mascaras Under $10!

Gone are the days where I spent $20-30 on mascara. For the past year or two, I’ve been using drugstore mascaras pretty exclusively. Were my pricier favorites fabulous? Indeed, they were. But when you’re tossing your mascara every three months (and you’d better be…bacteria is real y’all!), plus trying out new ones all the time, it really starts to […]

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Vapour Beauty Siren Lipstick + Mesmerize Shimmer Eye Color, Spring/Summer 2012 Shades

I’ve been anxious to try out Vapour Beauty for the longest time! I’ve long wanted to incorporate more “green” beauty products into my arsenal, but most natural cosmetics brands leave much to be desired. Either the products aren’t effective, the pigments are weak, or they don’t offer any shades that are complimentary to deeper skin […]

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