Amber McKinnon has many years experience in the beauty and digital/social media arenas. Whether you are a brand seeking an experienced brand ambassador and social media manager, or an everyday bombshell looking to better her personal beauty, Amber looks forward to working her magic with you!

Services for Everyday Bombshells

Beauty Personal Shopping

Makeup Lessons


Services for Brands, Bloggers and Businesses

Coaching (Blogging, Social Media, Content Creation)

Social Media Management

Blog/Website Design


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1 comment on “Hire Me”

  1. Seeking permission to use quotes from your work for an academic journal publication

    Dear Ms. McKinnon,

    I am a graduate student at the University of Central Florida, and I
    briefly cited/quoted your webpage, “Color correctors: Drugstore vs high end + how to use them on dark skin.” Brown Bombshell Beauty, 13 July 2016, (specifically the image of the color wheel with labeled colors with proper
    citation pointing back to your website)
    in an academic paper I have
    submitted for publication in the “Florida Studies Journal,” a
    small-print-run academic publication of the nonprofit organization
    Florida College English Association. My paper is about how designing
    online classes to be accessible to students with disabilities
    improves accessibility for all online students, and the color wheel
    image from your webpage is used to illustrate a point about
    accommodating color blind students.

    The publication house producing the “Florida Studies Journal”
    (Cambridge Scholars Publishing) requires that I contact the sources of
    potentially copyrighted material that I cited/quoted in my paper to
    ask permission for use of the material.

    Would you be willing to provide this permission? I will not be paid by
    the journal for my article. It merely adds experience to my curricula

    If you wish, I can send the brief quotes I cited from your work, or I
    can send a copy of my entire paper to you with the quotes marked.

    Thank you,
    Laura Tichy-Smith

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