If you’re growing your beauty brush collection or want to add some new, unique brushes to your arsenal, BECCA The One Perfecting Brush, $49 is right up your alley! This multi-tasking brush is designed to do the work of a foundation, powder, highlighter, contour and blush brush all in one handy brush.  The goat hair bristles are can be used for liquids, creams, powders, making it ideal for nearly every product in your makeup bag.



I’ve been putting The One Perfecting Brush through its paces over the past couple of weeks, trying it on a variety of beauty products. My favorite way to use the brush is for buffing foundation into the skin. I find that it consistently gives skin a perfected, airbrushed finish. I’ve used it on both liquid and cream foundations, as well as BB creams, and found it to work well on each type.

I love to add a highlight and contour to my look, and found that the shape of the brush works great for applying product to the cheekbones and contours of the face. I also used the brush to apply my powder blush and although it worked perfectly well, I still prefer a traditional blush brush. Some habits are hard to break! The brush is still worth it, even if you never use it to apply cheek color, because the perfect skin it gives is reason enough to have on hand.


To use, apply makeup to the brush and then onto your face using either horizontal (forehead, chin, cheeks) or vertical motions (nose). The only thing I didn’t care for was that the brush tended to shed a bit. It may just be a fluke with my brush or it may just be because it’s a new brush (I washed it last night, so that may solve the problem). Other than that, I had no problems with the brush and have used it nearly every day.


I never experienced any problem with product colors overlapping either. Any product I used traveled down the bristles to the base of the brush. Crazy! This brush is genius for travel, eliminating the need to carry a ton of brushes with you.  If you’re looking for a new beauty tool for 2014 or you want to streamline your beauty routine, BECCA The One Perfecting Brush is definitely a brush you should consider adding to your beauty bag!