Over the weekend I made a little stop in Target (shocking, I know :)) and, of course, I made the obligatory walk through the beauty aisles. On my way out, I saw an endcap full of new hair care products from brown girl-friendly brands, and I had to stop and snap a pic for my bombshells! I apologize for the low quality of the photo, but I had to put my phone away and keep it moving. My impromptu photo shoot in the middle of the aisle was starting to get looks from other customers as well as the the Target staff. I swear, they were sizing me up like I was a spy from Wal-Mart. Anyway, here’s the best shot I got before sprinting for the door, lol.


Here are the products from the top shelf to bottom shelf. The first products in the green bottles are the Optimum Care Amla Legend. As the name implies, the products contain amla oil, a strengthening and anti hair loss oil found in many Indian hair care lines. The collection contained a box relaxer, shampoo, conditioner and finishing products, each was $6.99. Next is a line for natural hair that I think will get a lot of attention from coily haired girls – Dark and Lovely Au Natural. The line consisted of a shampoo, conditioner, and two curly styling products. One was a cream for looser curls (think 3b, 3c) and the other was for tighter coils (4a, 4b). There was also a shine spray and each product was $9.99.

The third row of Pantene products almost slipped past me because the bottles look like the Relaxed & Natural products they already make. Actually, there were two sets of products: Pantene Truly Relaxed (purple label) and Pantene Truly Natural (red label). The Truly Relaxed line contained a shampoo and conditioner, and there may have been a styler/moisturizer. I recall thinking it was very similar to the one they already have. The Truly Natural line contained a shampoo, conditioner, curly styling cream (in the jar) and shine serum. The products were priced between $3.99-4.99.

The last row of products was the Dark and Lovely Go Intense! Hair Color. The formula was created specifically to give rich color to naturally dark hair, and there were eight shades available at my Target store. It immediately made me think of Garnier Ultra Color hair color for dark hair, which is not surprising since L’Oreal owns both Garnier and Dark and Lovely. I like Garnier hair color (and it constantly wins beauty awards), so this may be a promising option for home hair color. I also felt that the color choices were more modern and wearable than a lot of colors you see in ethnic hair color lines. Each box color was $6.99.

I’ll share official info on these products as I receive it. Also, I post pics on Instagram of new products I spy while out and about all the time, so be sure to follow me at @BrownBombshellBeauty.

Do any of these products catch your eye? What types of new beauty products are you looking forward to in 2013?