Model Joan Smalls and her epic scarf and contoured cheekbones are ready for winter!

Despite the fact that it’s 64 degrees in Kansas City today (yes, you read that craziness correctly), it’s only a matter of time before real December temperatures hit. Harsh winds and frigid temps outside, coupled with hot, dry air indoors is a recipe for a beauty disaster. We’re talking brittle hair, dry cuticles and flaky skin, ladies. So not the look we want. So check out these 4 simple things you can do right now to winterize your beauty routine!

1.) Take stock of your current products and replace some of them, if necessary. As much as we try to keep our skin in tip top shape, other factors like hormones, stress and harsh weather can easily swoop in and wreak havoc. Now is the time to go through your skin, hair and body care products and swap some of them out for more cold weather-friendly products.

That super-sudsy face wash might have been great to banish oily skin in the summer, but a less sudsy, more hydrating version will be gentler on your skin in the winter. Meanwhile, some products can be tweaked for winter use. For example, that light body oil you used in the summer and fall can be layered under a rich body cream for an added boost of moisture.

2.) Winter-proof your skin around the house. It’s no secret that it takes more than just product to keep you looking good (this isn’t a secret, right ladies? ;)) There are little things you can do outside of your product regimen, and the most important one for me is the use of a cool mist humidifier. All that hot air pumping though your house may keep you feeling warm and toasty, but it’s also drying the mess out of your skin.

A few years ago I invested in a $30 humidifier for my bedroom and that thing has worked wonders for my dry skin. I turn it on before bed and it mists cools, moist water (wait, did I just call water moist?) into the air to counteract the dry hot air. It drastically cuts down on dry, itchy skin. I must confess that the one I bought is loud as hell a tad noisy, so I may trade up to an upgraded version this year. I hate buying things twice, but this insomniac doesn’t need anything else interrupting what little beauty sleep she can get, lol!

Don’t let the dry hair struggle happen to you! Moisturize, honey, moisturize!

3.) Be extra protective of your hair. This winter I’m going to be extra diligent about this. This is my second (or third?) winter with natural hair, and I’ve always tried to take good hair of my coils, but I’m kicking it up a notch this year. I recently colored my hair several times in a short period (and yet my hair color is really no different that the natural color I started with. Ugh, another story for another day…), so I’ll really be treating it with kid gloves this season. Moisturizing hair and sealing in said moisture will be a regular affair, as will protective styling.

Styles like buns, twists and other styles that tuck away and protect your fragile ends are a must. This is the time of year to break out the weaves, wigs and braiding hair, people, lol! Wearing a cute hat is another simple, yet great way to shield your precious strands while in the elements. Just make sure the hat is lined with silk or satin, as bare wool rubbing against hair can cause serious breakage. Same goes for coat collars – get that hair up out of the way!

4.) Be proactive in preventing dry skin, hair and nails. Like the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I try to keep my skin adequately moisturized to minimize the damage cold air can cause. I cut out the long, hot showers that feel delicious but are terrible for your skin, and I don’t dilly dally before I put on body cream (you can seal in the most moisture when skin is still damp from the shower).

I make sure to keep my handbags, nightstand, and desk at work stocked with rich hand cream. I’m also fanatical about preventing dry, flaky lips. I keep lip balm in my bags, coat pockets, car, around the house – everywhere. Speaking of lip balm, check out my favorite one, plus my no-fail remedy for dry lips.

So those are my easy peasy tips for preserving your sexy and moisturizing your situation this winter (Ha! Thanks, Diddy!). What do you do to beautify yourself when the temperatures drop?