It’s rare that you’ll see me share many body care products on Brown Bombshell Beauty. Not because I don’t like delicious smelling body potions, but because I have insanely sensitive, eczema-prone skin and can’t use them (womp!). Many times I’ve wished I could slather my skin in some sweetly scented concoction, but their synthetic fragrance left me with no choice but to stick with my non-sexy unscented usual.

When I was contacted by Yum E’Scentials Body Care to try some of their body care products, I was hesitant. The last thing I needed was an emergency trip to the dermatologist! I was assured that all of the ingredients and fragrance are from simple, pure, natural ingredients. They sent over the Homemade Soap, Body Polish and Whipped Body Cream in the Black Raspberry Sage scent, which is described as being “yummy without being overly sweet”.

This is a spot-on description! Black Raspberry Sage is a scent blend of ripe blackberries, raspberries, creamy vanilla & soothing sage. It’s a little sweet and a little sultry, which is perfect for me as I prefer rich, creamy, sensual scents. The Yum E’Scentials Body Care Black Raspberry Sage Handmade Soap, $5.50 is a pretty standard natural bar soap for the most part, except that it contains blackberry seeds for exfoliation. I didn’t find the seeds to be effective for exfoliation because there weren’t enough of them in the bar and they were rather rough and scratchy on my skin. For me, the Handmade Soap worked best as a good smelling soap.

The better bet for exfoliation is the Yum E’Scentials Body Care Black Raspberry Sage Body Polish, $18.99. This scrub is sugar based, which makes it gentler than many other salt based body scrubs. It also contains blackberry seeds, which lent a little oomph nestled in the sugar and coconut and sunflower oils. Speaking of oils, can we talk about how moisturizing the scrub is? When I stepped out of the shower, my skin was not only super smooth but insanely moisturized.

I sealed the moisture in with my favorite product from the line, the Yum E’Scentials Body Care Black Raspberry Sage Whipped Body Cream, $18.99. Um, wow. This whipped cream is light and fluffy but does some heavy-duty moisturizing. It contains organic shea butter, sunflower oil and coconut, which all conspired to make my skin super soft and glossy. I loved the soft, sultry hint of scent it left on my skin and would definitely purchase a second jar of this. My only wish is that the jar was a bit bigger. It’s easy to run through this when you’re slathering it all over yourself every day, so I’ve taken to rationing my usage of it, lol.

Overall, I recommend giving Yum E’Scentials a try if you like yummy scented body products from natural ingredients. You can purchase these products in the various scents they offer at (yep, they sell candles, too!).