Gel manicures are still all the rage in nail care, and for good reason. The long-lasting, chip-free glossy shine from gel manicures are every girl’s dream, but the price tag and difficult removal? Not so much. Plus, there’s the whole limited shade availability thing, too. Which is why I instantly perked up when I got the scoop on the new Manicure Booster from Perfect Formula. Manicure Booster promises to double the life of your manicure by acting as both a primer and a sealer. Just use it as a base coat and top coat, and it creates a thick, protein-rich coat over natural nails and seals in nail polish.

Here’s what Perfect Formula founder Shari Gottesman says about Manicure Booster:

“Everyone loves the long-lasting effect of gel manicures, but after seeing the damage that goes with them, not to mention the annoyance of not being able to simply remove polish at home, I knew that Perfect Formula had to create an easier and less damaging alternative. That’s where the inspiration for Manicure Booster was born and as we are all about strong nail technology, no one could do it better than us. Not only will Manicure Booster make your manicure last twice as long, it will do so by making nails stronger, instead of wreaking havoc on them.”

Sounds good, huh? I’d definitely like to give it a try! You can purchase Manicure Booster for $29 at, and What do you think, would you try Manicure Booster?