I was in Sally Beauty Supply recently buying conditioning caps or some other beauty staple, and while standing at the register I spotted my current lip obsession. Behold, Femme Couture Fall into Creams Lip Luster, $4.99. I got one of the original Lip Luster glosses as a free gift with purchase some months ago and it was ok, but I was intrigued when I saw the display that stated that these shades were a sheer, limited-edition version for Fall 2012.

The shades are named after places in Paris. Très  chic!
top to bottom: Carnavalet Museum, Gardens of the Trocadero, The Wall of Love, Marie Bridge
The fall Lip Lusters display in Sally’s. They’re going fast!

I tried one and fell so in love I had to go back and get the others. The original Lip Luster were opaque and kind of sticky, but these are sheer and still somehow pack a major punch of color. It’s crazy. They give your lips a sheer, sexy sheen and pop of juicy color. I’m totally into it. Get your hips to a Sally’s to snap one (or three) of these up. There are five shades in this Fall collection (I passed on the pale bubble gum pink shade) and they don’t seem to be on the Sally’s website. So head in and look for them somewhere around the register.

P.S. I believe Femme Couture items are on sale Buy Two Get One Free thru August 31st, so get in this week, if you you can! 🙂