Love the bottle, very sexy!

Halle Berry’s is the only celeb whose fragrance I’ve ever purchased. In fact, I own her first two scents (the third, Reveal, was a tad too floral/powdery for me), and I’m likely to pick up her latest, Closer. Billed as a floral-woody scent, Closer is supposed to play on the “attraction between men and women”.

The fragrance notes include raspberry, water lily, ozone, fougère accord, violet, mimosa, cedar, vanilla bean, mahogany and cashmere musk. I got a paper sample in Walgreens last night and I’m wearing it today. Though it softens with wear, there is definitely a woody, masculine edge to the scent, which I tend to like in fragrances. However, if you favor floral or fruity scents you’ll probably want to pass on Closer, and perhaps give one of her earlier scents a try (I reviewed them here and here).

Closer will be available in stores in September in 15 ml and 30 ml bottles, as well as a natural deodorant spray. Will you give Closer a try? What celeb scents have you liked in the past?