Fresh off her appearance last night on HBO’s About Face: Supermodels Then and Now documentary (which I am sooo mad my non-HBO having self missed), icon Beverly Johnson has announced that she is teaming up with Frederick’s of Hollywood to sell her collection of  hair, body and skin care products in their stores. The collection will include her Model Logic hair care, Beautiful Body by Beverly, and Flawless Skin lines.

You may recall that the supermodel recently launched her Model Logic hair care products at Target stores (which I reviewed here).  I must say that I was a little surprised at the union. I haven’t seen or heard of a Frederick’s of Hollywood store since I was in high school, but I remember them being particularly, err, segzy. I poked around their website and they seem to be positioning themselves as more of a lifestyle brand, in which case this collab makes a bit more sense. Interesting.

The products will be on the Frederick’s website tomorrow and in stores around Labor Day. Plans for a Beverly Johnson/Frederick’s of Hollywood watch line is also in the works. Do you have Frederick’s stores in your area? Will you be checking out Beverly Johnson’s collection?