I’ve been on a skin care kick lately. My skin is changing and reminding me that I’m knocking on the door to 30 (as if I didn’t know this already!). My tendency to blemish seems to have subsided *knock on wood*, but my skin is losing it’s glow and even tone and texture. In other words, it’s starting to look not-so-youthful, and I’m not having it, lol! When I got wind of the brand spankin’ new Murad Intensive – C Radiance Peel, $49.50 I nearly jumped for joy, as it seems to be just what my skin needs!

Awaken dull, tired skin with this triple-action formula that brightens, smoothes, and hydrates for a radiant glow after just one treatment. This powerful formula gently exfoliates to accelerate the turnover of damaged cells, while enhancing the skin’s own natural resilience. Your complexion will be left hydrated and glowing with youthful luminosity.

The ingredient list is great and features Vitamin C to brighten and even skin tone and my favorite, glycolic acid, to turn over dead, dull skin cells. It even contains kaolin, a clay that’s great for absorbing excess oil. The Sephora stores in my city don’t have it in stock yet, but you can bet on me snapping up a tube when they get some in!

Have you tried any Murad products? What about products with Vitamin C? Let us know in the comments!