To wrap up the blogging fun they’ve been having with beauty bloggers over the last few months in honor of their new Naturally You line, Motions hair care asked me to share how I stay fierce without compromising myself. For me, being fierce is all about staying true to your self, right down to your beauty routine. After all, the way we express ourselves with our clothes, hair and beauty presents to the world who we are and how we feel about ourselves.

Me trying to get my "smize" on a'la Tyra Banks, lol

So just how do I stay fierce? Well…

  • I define what is fierce for myself. Trends are loads of fun and I love indulging in them, but I also know when a trend isn’t for me. Basically, do YOU!
  • I flaunt what my mama gave me! Very few of us, with the exception of Beyonce lol, have perfect looks. But I’ve learned to accept the flaws and work the things that are pretty darn fab. Got great lips? Rock a bold lip color. Got cheekbones to die for? Highlight like your life depends on it. Show ’em why you’re hot!
  • I pamper myself. I may not always eat right, get enough rest, or make it to the gym like I should (although all these things are super important), but you best believe I’m going to treat myself to my regular beauty rituals! Even if I’m short on time or cash, I still make sure to squeeze in some at-home pampering, like a facial or mani. You’d be surprised at how great such small things can make you feel!
  • I’m confident! More than anything, confidence is what makes a woman stand out. Ever been in a room full of people and noticed that everyone is drawn to a woman that isn’t conventionally pretty, but she’s still the fiercest thing in the room? It’s because she’s confident! So throw your shoulder back, put on your most dazzling smile and strut your stuff!

So what do you do to stay fierce? Share in the comments, I’d love to know!

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