Just a couple of weekends ago, I was discussing the wonder of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’s Lip Tar with a friend who became a recent convert, so it’s totally fitting that I share the brand’s new shades for spring and summer 2012! I fell in love with OCC Lip Tar a couple of years ago so it’s exciting to see how the shade range has grown since then. Check out The Garden collection!

“Spring has sprung at OCC and hidden among the lilacs and pansies is a different shade of floral. Inspired by psychotropic and poisonous plants, this collection turns traditional spring pastels upside down, injecting them with hallucinatory notes of nearly-neon vibrancy. Mixed in are more subtle neutral lip shades, meant to be paired with a dizzying flash of color on the eyes, in this garden of earthly (and unearthly) delights.”


I’m completely obsessed with the two nude Lip Tar shades in the collection, but don’t let the bright shades fool you! Lip Tar can not only be worn alone, but are designed to be mixed and matched to create your own custom lip shades. Quite couture, no? 🙂 I’ve not had the chance to try OCC’s Nail Lacquer (though I’ve heard great things) but since I’m a sucker for shimmer, these glitter and metallic shades might have to be my introduction! The Garden Collection also contains Cosmetic Glitter and Loose Colour Concentrate, that my beauty blogger pals have also raved about.

If you’ve not tried anything from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, The Garden would make a great place to start! The entire collection is available on the OCC website. Tried any OCC? What did you think?