Iconic beauty brand Estée Lauder recently revamped a lot of their collection and introduced some fab products including the new Pure Color Blush, $28. Estee Lauder hasn’t exactly been known for vibrant pops of color in the past, but these new pigment-rich powder blushes promise to give just that.

While these have certainly been on my radar, I’m holding out for the latest object of my beauty lust – the Pure Color Blush Custom Collection by Tom Pecheux, Estee Lauder’s Creative Director. I first spotted the trio of limited edition shades over on Makeup and Beauty Blog and can’t wait until The Siren (berry red), Fearless (hot pink), and Naughty (orange red) become available exclusively at Macy’s stores next month. I can already tell they’ll be my go-to summer blushes!

I’m curious, have you tried any of the new Pure Color blushes yet? Let me know what you think!