I’m not one to throw around the word “genius” unless I’m discussing things that truly are – like the theory of relativity, for instance, or the person that invented samples sales (ha!). However, when it comes to The Fly Cut, genius truly fits. Created by beauty industry vet Tia Williams (creator of Shake Your Beauty, one of the first beauty blogs on the web) and her fab sisters Lauren and Devon, The Fly Cut is the first and only daily deal website dedicated to salons that cater to African-American and ethnic hair. Members can purchase vouchers for 50-80% off services at salons like the Hair Rules Salon, Miss Jessie’s Salon and Amoy Couture Hair. It’s like Groupon for Black girls, but 1,000 times better, lol!

To start, The Fly Cut offers will be for salons in NYC (reason #217 that I need to move back ASAP), but will branch out to other major cities soon, so sign up now! After all, you don’t want to be that sad girl left shivering outside the club because she wasn’t on the list, do you? I thought not. So head over to The Fly Cut website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

Don’t you love this idea?! What city are you in and what salons do you hope to see on The Fly Cut? Share in the comments!

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