Beautiful Textures has been making major waves in the natural hair community! The new kid on the block, they’ve been popping up at natural hair events across the country, catching everyones eye with their brightly colored packaging. I’ve been using the new Beautiful Textures hair care line for a couple of weeks and now I can’t wait to share my thoughts!

Before I jump into the individual products, let me just say that they all smell great. It’s hard to pinpoint it exactly, but the scent is tropical and a bit like coconut. You can definitely smell it, but as a scent-sensitive person I didn’t find it obtrusive. You smell the scent most when the hair is soaking wet, but it lingers lightly on the hair once the product has fully soaked in. Now, let’s get to the review and how I used the products.

I began by washing my hair with the Tangle Taming Moisturizing Shampoo. The high-lather shampoo cleansed my hair well without leaving it feeling stripped. Plus my hair wasn’t tangled post shampoo, as can often happen. Because it is so moisturizing and contains butters and oils you may want to pass on this for a deep clarifying cleanse. Next up was the Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner. I was really looking forward to trying this product and it didn’t disappoint! I applied a generous amount, put on a plastic cap and sat under my conditioning heat cap for about 25 minutes. When I rinsed the product out my hair was so super soft and moisturized. Total product love!

I then applied the Tangle Taming Leave-In Conditioner which I found to by way more moisturizing than pretty much every leave-in I’ve used, but I didn’t find it to be effective at detangling. Detangling my hair is essential before I begin styling and it crucial to keeping breakage at a minimum, so I probably won’t reach for this. I might use it after using a different detangling product to add in some moisture and slip.I decided to style my hair in a two strand twist-out so, I sectioned off my hair and applied a small amount of the Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Creme followed by a more generous amount of the Curl Control Defining Pudding.

I let my hair dry overnight, and the first time I used these products my hair wasn’t dry by the next morning. I had no time to diffuse or sit under the dryer so I just untwisted them and went with it. There was a lot more volume and not much definition, as is often the case when you style natural when its not totally dry, but it wasn’t frizzy. That night I applied some of the Moisture Butter and re-twisted my hair and loved the full, twist out I had the next morning! Because these products are so rich, I sat under the dryer for 25 minutes the second time I used them, and let them dry fully overnight. The next morning my twist-out was super defined and soft. I loved it!

Each time I used the Shine & Silken Growth Oil to seal my ends when my hair was wet, and to add shine when it was dry. I liked this product because it was super light and non-greasy. I haven’t use the Curly to Straight Flat Iron Silkener yet, but will definitely use it the next time I blow out my hair, and will report back with my results.

Overall, I really enjoyed this line and found them to effectively moisturize my chronically dry tresses. The brand recommends cocktailing these products together, which I tried and found that they worked well together without flaking. Because my hair was well moisturized and the products offer great, but soft hold, my twist outs lasted a full week, which never happens for me. I particularly recommend the Rapid Repair, Moisture Butter and Curl Control if you only want to invest in a few items.

I loved that the Beautiful Textures line is so full of rich, moisturizing ingredients like Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, and Mango Butter, and that they’re at the top of the ingredient list. I also appreciate the fact that the product are affordable at about $6-7 each and are easily available at Sally Beauty Supply stores (they’re even cheaper for Beauty Club members). If you’re in the market for some new products for your natural hair, certainly give Beautiful Textures a try!