I’m not one for new year’s resolutions, but I did make one resolution last month – to up my skin care game in 2012. Almost overnight my skin decided to remind me that my 20s are coming to a rapid close and I need to start incorporating more restorative, anti-aging products into my skin care rotation. If I ever needed a visual reminder of this, I certainly got one via actress Octavia Spencer on the red carpet of the SAG awards last weekend. What ever hair and makeup Octavia Spencer wears, one thing is always a stand-out: her gorgeous skin!

The truth of the matter is that no matter fabulous your makeup is, it doesn’t amount to squat if your skin is a mess. The better cared for your skin is, the more fabulous your makeup will look! So how does Ms. Spencer keep her skin smooth and glowing? In addition to what I’m sure is a consistent regimen of great products and facials, she uses Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Essence II, $126. Made from 36 botanical extracts to correct dryness and roughness, while repairing damaged and improving moisture retention of dry and sensitive skin, Octavia says it “delivers so much hydration to the skin”.

I’ve already been eyeing the Koh Gen Do Cleansing Water and Cloths for the longest time, so now I really need to make my way to the nearest Koh Gen Do counter, lol! Here’s hoping Octavia and her glowing skin take home an Oscar later this month! Koh Gen Do products are available at Barneys New York & Beverly Hills and on Barneys.com or KohGenDoCosmetics.com.

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