One of the things I love most about the internet is all of the fabulous, unexpected gems you come across. While browsing the web over the weekend I watched these videos, loved them and thought you might enjoy them as much as I did! Watch pretty!

A few days ago, Fashion executive Felita Harris (she’s the SVP of Global Sales at Donna Karan…major!) tweeted me a link (follow her @MsFashionBiz) to an interview she recently did for Styleblazer (an amazing site, btw) and I’ve watched it…and re-watched it a few times since then! Whether your career goal is to work in fashion or not, I found her episode of “How I Made It” to be particularly inspiring and it really spoke to me on a personal level. Not to mention that I love seeing a brown bombshell making major moves, particularly in the fashion industry! Watch and be inspired, and check out episodes 1-3!

When I spotted this video from Vogue Italia over at Where Fashion Brats Unite I thought I would die of the hilarity! My mother is an HSN fan from way back (she’ll be calling to read me in 5, 4, 3, 2…) so I grew up watching those models pace that tiny runway since I was a little girl. Since those early days of Suzanne Summers and her Thighmaster, both HSN and QVC have come a looong way and many a fab beauty brand and celeb “designer” wants to sell their wares on these shop-at-home channels. So the idea of high-fashion models sporting haute couture, stomping down that tiny set, tickles me to no end! Seriously though, if it really were like this, I swear I’d tune in every night!