Whether free-flowing or piled on top of the head, voluminous textured hair was spotted at several shows. No matter if your hair is relaxed or natural. Simply twist or braid damp hair with your favorite setting lotion, gel or styling cream and let hair air-dry. Untwist/braid the hair and apply a shine lotion or serum to sheen and smoothness. To style, finger comb hair for a sexy, loose look, or pin hair up for a vintage pin-up look.

If you feel like experimenting, give the “rick-racking” technique celeb hairstylist Orlando Pita used at Oscar de la Renta (above photo). To do a rick-rack pin set, twist sections of hair around hair pins in a figure eight and clamp-iron with a flat iron. Let hair set for one hour, and then unwrap hair from pins. Your hair will have a zigzag pattern when undone, and you can brush it out for a less defined, fro-like look. I’m loving this look! Will you be giving this look a try?

Source: WWD