Sally Beauty Supply is one of those places that gets slept on. It doesn’t have the flash and product selection of Sephora or a swanky department store, so it’s not often where most girls think of when it’s time to get glam. But don’t be fooled! There are plenty of beauty essentials (conditioning caps, satin headscarves, combs/brushes, makeup sponges, disposable makeup applicators, etc.) to be had at Sally’s, in addition to some standout gems.

When I was in middle and high school, my mom and I would make regular trips to Sally’s to try out and experiment with new products. At those prices, how could we not? Well, I’ve recently started to visit the beauty supplier on a more frequent basis, and I have found some products I truly love! We’re talking beauty staples here, people! So, without further ado, let me share my favorite products from Sally Beauty Supply!

This unassuming, odd-shaped little number is a must-have for anyone with, well, hair! The Tangle Teezer Detangling Brush, $9.99 get out knots, tangles and kinks from all hair types. From the thinnest, finest hair, to the biggest fro, the Tangle Teezer smoothly detangles all hair types with shocking ease. You can even use it to distribute hair conditioner while in the shower, but I love it for detangling before styling. Tangle Teezer currently comes in pink, black and purple (my fave!).

I’ve been trying to do better about my deep conditioning treatments, and Proclaim Argan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask, $7.99 works wonders. While I’ve heard this moisturizing treatment is pretty darn amazing on its own, I’ve been mixing in some natural oils and butters to boost the conditioning factor (I’ll share more on my mixing and homemade concoctions later!). After rinsing, my hair is left silky soft and smooth!

Two words best describe the HairArt Brush Cleaner, $1.69: Who knew?! Nothing is more gross than putting a dirty brush on clean hair, so what can you do, short of tossing it? Give it a good cleaning! Shampoo or dish soap do a good job of removing product buildup, but first you’ve got to get rid of the hair. This brush cleaner has four short plastic teeth on one end to get rid of longer pieces of hair, while the plastic bristles on the other end remove the short stragglers. Then hit your brush with some suds and it’ll be good as new!

I usually wash my brushes with baby shampoo and let them dry overnight. but sometime I need a brush to be clean and dry in less than eight hours. That’s where Face Secret Professional Brush Cleaner, $5.49 comes in! Pour a little into a bowl or jar (I use my Parian Spirit Brush Cleaning Refill Jar, $6) and swirl the brush around in the cleaner. Then squeeze out the excess cleaner and your brushes are completely clean and totally dry in no time! The bottle is rather small, so I don’t recommend this for cleaning lots of brushes at once. I found it’s better for when you need to deep clean a few brushes in a pinch.

So, what do you do for those times when you’ve dipped your shadow brush in bright blue eyeshadow, only now you need that same brush to apply another shade? Whip out the Face Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaning Towelettes, $5.49! These clothes are a quick fix for cleaning makeup brushes without getting them soaking wet, so you can reuse the same brush without muddying up your colors. It’s also great for cleansing brushes between deep cleanings. Quickly swipe your brushes across these and they’ll be ready for your next use!


So, basically Eco Styler Morocan Argan Oil Styling Gel, $4.79 is everything! LOL! I’ve been using it for twistouts on my natural hair, but it’s also great for smoothing edges. I imagine it would also be great for slicking hair back for buns and ponytails. Best of all it leaves my hair smooth and frizz free, and never dry, crunchy or flaky. Score a humongous tub of this stuff for only $2.99 this month!

Sally Beauty is where I always buy my China Glaze Nail Polishes, $5.99 ($4.99 for Beauty Club Members). Not only is China Glaze cheaper than other salon brands, but they’re of great quality. China Glaze always seems to be on sale at Sally’s and they always seem to get the new collections before other stores. In fact, they’re on sale for $2.99 on the Sally’s website right now!

Pro makeup artists swear by Ardell False Lashes, $4.49, and I do, too! Personally, I think it’s insane to spend $20 on false lashes that really shouldn’t be worn more than once, or maybe twice (hygiene, people!). Ardell has a massive collection of various styles and lengths of lashes, and Sally’s has them all! At this price you can afford to experiment and play around with different looks.

If you’re going to be rocking fierce false lashes, you’re going to need a good, nay, great lash glue! Those in the know always reach for DUO Eyelash Adhesive, $6.49 and for good reason. It gives false lashes crazy good staying power and it comes in a dark shade, which looks far more natural against dark lashes and eyeliner, than clear lash glues that turn white when dry.

Last, but not least is Beyond the Zone Turn Up the Heat Flat Iron Protection Spray, $8.29. I’ve experimented with blow-outs this summer and plan to rock them more often once the weather turns cold (seriously, I almost caught pneumonia last winter fooling with ‘takes-forever-to-dry’ wash and go’s!). This alcohol-free spray actually gives hair some slip and shine as it protects from the heat of flat irons and other heat tools. Good stuff!

So there are my fave products from Sally’s! If you’re going to be shopping, I recommend signing up for the Beauty Club Program. For $5 a year you get a discounted price on every item in the store, as well as special coupons and promotions. Totally worth the $5! Do you shop Sally’s? What are some of your favorite products from there? Let us know in the comments!