Beauty News: Kimora Lee Simmons to Launch Shinto Clinical Skin Care Line

Model, mogul and all-around diva, Kimora Lee Simmons may have walked away from the fashion world when she left Baby Phat last year, but she’s about to enter a new venture – skin care! Remember Kimora’s KLS cosmetics line that was sold at Sephora stores a few years back? Well, Kimora’s back in the beauty game and will be launching Shinto Clinical, an anti-aging skin care line this spring.

Here’s what the Shinto Clinical website says about the line:

“The first signs of aging make us realize how quickly time passes.
Shinto Clinical skincare will open your eyes to a beauty that runs deeper than any trend or gimmick. It’s about self confidence that allows you to put your best face forward.”

There’s no word just yet on what items will be in the line or where it will be sold, but I’ll pass on info as soon as I get it.

I, for one, am a big Kimora fan and am looking forward to checking the line out! What do you think about Kimora going into skin care? Will you be giving her products a try? Share in the comments!

  • Trina J

    This is so exciting! I am a huge Kimora fan. I can’t wait to try the Shinto products. Good info…thanks for sharing!!

  • SanTara

    I would definitely give this a try. She is serious about her beauty creations so I don’t think she will let us down. Her skin is GORGEOUS and I’m sure she has a bajillion inquires as to what she uses. BRING IT ON KIMI!!

  • shamika pruitt

    Hi Kimora!! I want to submit my contact and photos information to becaome a face for Shinto Clinical. Where do I submit? Thank You!!

  • Rie

    I just told my Japanese mother about the name of this skincare and she replied “Is she okay?” Shinto is a religion in Japan, why would she want to name her skincare line after a religion? Ridiculous

  • Amber

    LOL! Wow, I had no idea, but was curious about what Shinto meant!

  • Amber

    I agree! She usually brings it when she creates something new!

  • Amber

    You’re welcome! Thanks for reading :-)