I was in Macy’s recently returning a sweater I’d received for Christmas and was having a hard time finding something to exchange it for. So, of course, I ended up in the cosmetics department to take a look at what was new at the counters (surprise, surprise). That’s when I remembered Chanel’s new nail collection for Spring 2011 and made a beeline for the Chanel counter to find a shade I’d heard a lot about: Black Pearl.

Any beauty lover knows how in demand Chanel’s nail colors always are. Every season it seems that the brand releases a must-have shade that becomes the hottest in beauty, and everyone snaps it up. Although there have been a few Chanel nail polishes that I really wanted, I always resisted because of the $25 price tag. I mean, I’ve been known to spend a pretty penny on beauty products in my day, but I just can’t justify the purchase of a $25 nail polish. But since it was technically a gift, I decided to swap the sweater out for Chanel Black Pearl.

Chanel Black Pearl

The name Black Pearl would imply that the shade is, in fact, a blackened pearl. Now, the shade certainly possesses these characteristics, but what makes it so unique (and so popular) is the hint of green blended into the shade. Take a look!

With Flash

Black Pearl is unique because of its simultaneous depth of color and pearlescent finish. Typically deep or dark colors are flat. The pearl in this shade “lifts” the color a little bit and makes it more warm and wearable. You can see the hint of green better in the photo below.

Natural Light

I couldn’t quite get a picture that does the shade justice, but I assure you the shade in gorgeous. I didn’t want to love Black Pearl, but I do! I have to give Chanel credit. They charge an arm and a leg for their polishes, but they always come out with unique, unexpected shades that other brands never seem to come up with (until they try to create a dupe, of course!). If you’d like a bottle of this, you’d better hurry. I got that last bottle at my Macy’s, and stores all over are selling out fast!

What do you think of Black Pearl? Will you try it, or will wait for another brand to attempt to dupe it? What’s the most you’ve spent on a nail polish? Dish!