A few months back I wrote about my love of one of Mario Badescu’s moisturizers. In fact, I loved it so much that I decided to give a few of their cleansing and toning products a try! I must say that I love the fact that Mario Badescu products are affordable, gentle and contain active ingredients that actually make a difference in my skin.

Skin care is a very personal thing, and what works for one person may not work for another. Nevertheless, I’ve had great success with these products and my Clarisonic Classic (review coming soon), and wanted to share with my readers what I’ve been using for the last few months:

I use Enzyme Cleansing Gel, $12 daily in both the morning and evening to cleanse my skin. The papaya and grapefruit extract exfoliate my skin, while the non-foaming gel cleanses without stripping my skin. This is a Mario Badescu top-seller for a reason!

About twice a week, I deep cleanse with Glycolic Foaming Cleanser, $15*. This foaming cleanser really gets down into my pores and helps to keep my skin clear. When I first received this, I made the mistake of using it daily, and it stripped the heck out of my skin. I quit using it, but then I realized the instructions specifically said to use it 2x a week (Oops!). Since I started following the directions (SMH), it’s been working great!

After cleansing (particularly with the Enzyme Cleansing Gel), I use the Glycolic Acid Toner, $18 to make sure any last traces of makeup and cleanser are gone. You’d be surprised what’s still on your face after you cleanse! This toner gets my skin completely clean, and the glycolic acid exfoliate and helps to even my skin tone. I love that this doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin!

Alright Bombshells, those are the basic skin care products I’ve been using for the last few months! I’ve been happy with the results and have actually used the entire bottles! Let me tell you, that NEVER happens, so for now I’ll stick with Mario Badescu. I’m looking into their treatment products and will let you know what I find!

Have you tried any Mario Badescu products? What are you using on your skin right now? Share!