I am a huge fan of the Skin Deep articles in The New York Times. Every week they have a great beauty-related article, and last week’s article was of particular interest. Anti-aging guru Dr. Nicholas Perricone has recently launched Super, a line of anti-aging skin care for women under 30. Sign me up!

At age 27 I have a few more years before I hit 30, but wrinkles and other forms of aging are of concern to me. But anti-aging for those of us not yet in our thirties isn’t as simple as slathering on some heavy, greasy cream. Many of us are still battling acne, and our younger skin simply doesn’t need products as rich as those that our moms use. Which is why I love the idea of this new line so much!

All of the products in Super use anti-oxidant rich nutrients found in foods like blueberries and acai berry, along with patented science to fight the early signs of aging and prevent aging later in life. Another plus? The price points are a LOT lower than that of his skin care line for older women. I’ll take that! While I think many of the items in the collection sound promising, these products are my must-try picks:

3-Minute Facial, $50 stimulates skin with ginger for a radiant glow in only 3 minutes flat!

Hyper Hydrator, $40 infuses skin with light moisture from coconut water. This would be perfect for the upcoming cooler months!

Fight blemishes with the green apple-based Malic Acid found in Acne Treatment, $50.

All my under-30 bombshells, what do you think about an anti-aging line geared toward us? Will you be checking out anything from Super? What do you do to prevent wrinkles, etc.?