Party With a Purpose: Sister Soldier Project

There are few things that are more fun than getting together with my girls. The gabbing, the laughter (the drinks! LOL) and catching up are always loads of fun. It’s even better when the friend-fest is for a good cause! So when the call went out for bloggers to throw A Girl Talk Cause Party for their favorite charity, I was eager to sign up!

B-Link Marketing Group and Johnson & Johnson’s asked bloggers to raise awareness for their favorite charity, so a couple of weekends ago I gathered some of my favorite gal pals to chat with them about the Sister Soldier Project. Sister Soldier Project provides African-American women soldiers with much needed ethnic hair care and grooming products while they are serving overseas.

Some may underestimate how important proper grooming products are, but think what condition your hair and skin would be in if you didn’t have the proper products? Hair breakage and dry, damaged skin. Not a pretty picture. So I’m all for supporting Sister Soldier Project as they provide these brave women with products to help them maintain their femininity, and healthy skin and hair.

So, at my party we chatted about Sister Soldier Project, discussed the importance of the proper beauty and grooming products in our own lives, and tested out the Johnson’s products the brand generously provided.

I strongly urge you to check out the Sister Soldier Project website, and make a donation if you can. Also, if your sorority, book club, church group or other organization is looking for volunteer work, please contact Sister Soldier Project to set up a “Packing Party”, where your your organization can pack boxes of products for these special soldiers.

Take a look at some pics from the party!

IMAG0191Me chatting with one of the ladies about Sister Soldier Project.


Some of the goodies Johnson’s provided!




The Cocoa Butter Creamy Oil was a HUGE hit!

Many thanks to B-Link Marketing Group, Johnson’s, Sister Soldier Project and my guests for a wonderful evening!

  • Kellie Muse

    Johnson's Baby Creamy Oil is THE BEST!
    Saw it for the first time at the event in DC at the St. Regis in March.
    (Missed out on the lovely swag bag…I was running around networking) however, I purchased some earlier this summer. LOVE IT!

  • Myraline

    The Sister Soldier Project appreciates your support. I look forward to hearing more about the Party with a Purpose.

    Myraline Morris Whitaker


    The Sister Soldier Project

  • Amber

    Yasss! It’s easy to become addicted to that stuff! I especially love the Cocoa Butter version…mmm!

  • Doublel04

    I just wanted to say as a Sister Soldier serving in Iraq, THANK EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. In the military receiving mail is something a soldier looks forward to everyday. When I received the package from the Sister Soldier Project it really touched my heart that ladies who have never met us would care enough about us boxes of much needed hair supplies and body grooming items.
    Thank you for all you do!!!'
    Baghdad Iraq

  • Number1ArmyDiva

    Oh my gosh, I did not know this org existed. I need to get the word out on my Youtube channel and Facebook fan page. This is incredibly awesome. I wish you all were around when I deployed. I must learn more and show my support to our Divas out there. I understand the need for GOOD products while on deployment.

    Thanks BBB for informing me of this organization.

    much love to you