While reading the latest beauty headlines the other day, I came across a news item that surprised me: Beyoncé is releasing a collection of temporary tattoos.

You read right. Sasha Fierce and her mom Tina are releasing a line of  temporary tattoos with airbrush makeup company Temptu. The Deréon themed tattoos will be in Sephora stores on November 1st, and will feature Deréon’s signature fleur icon, rocker bolts and chains, jewel baubles and spider designs. The tattoos are supposed to be waterproof and last two to five days. They’ll retail for $16 for a basic set of eight tattoos, and $34 for a deluxe edition set of eight with a signed photo of Beyoncé, and a chance to win a trip to NYC.

I just have one question. Who on EARTH is going to buy this?! Seriously. No grown woman I know is in the market for temporary tattoos. What do you think, bombshells? Would you buy B’s temporary tatoos? Share in the comments!