I love, love, love lashes! I’m obsessed with them! On the average day I love full, lush lashes, and never leave home without a few swipes of volumizing mascara. But every now and then I like to turn up the volume with some false lashes, and I’ve found my new faves!

i-ENVY by Kiss Premium Eyelashes, $3 come in a TON of gorgeous varieties and are a great value. Seriously, those expensive department store lashes better watch their backs!

Over the weekend, I did a trial-run of the makeup I’ll be doing for my good friend Angela’s wedding this September. She was interested in experimenting with some false eyelashes, so I went into my eyelash stash, and selected the Juicy Volume 01. Angela doesn’t wear much makeup, but she loved the glamourous look these lashes gave her!

i-ENVY by Kiss Premium Eyelashes come in four collections: Au Naturale, Juicy Volume, Paparazzi and Diva. There are also individual and Vegas Strip lashes (for custom width) available. Are you a false lash newbie? Here are my personal tips for applying false lashes:

  1. Take a Q-Tip and cut off the cotton tip on one end. Apply a dab of dark lash glue (white or clear can look too obvious) such as DUO Dark Tone Eyelash Adhesive, $6, a personal fave of mine, to the back of your hand.
  2. Use the stick portion of the Q-Tip to dip into the lash glue, and carefully apply a thin line of the lash glue to the strip of the lash. Just a dab will do it!!
  3. Then, using your thumbs and index fingers, gently hold the eyelash strip by each end. Staring with the outer corner of your eye, gently press the outer corner of the false lash as close to your natural lash line as humanly possible. Work your way from the outer corner to the inner corner of your eyelid, gently applying the false lash strip.
  4. Open your eye to see how close to your lash line you got. If you see a gap between your natural lash line and the false lashes, gently pull the lash off of one corner of your eye, and reapply working your way from one end of your eyelid to the other. The lash glue should still be pliable enough to do this with ease.
  5. Once you have the lash applied how you like, gently press down on the lash to make sure it is securely adhered to your eyelid. You’re all done!

Give these Kiss eyelashes a try! I’m sure you’ll soon be hooked! Check out the i-ENVY by Kiss website for more info on these fab lashes!