Max Factor Giveaway!!

Welcome to the June Beautè Noire Giveaway!

In light of the recent news about Max Factor, I’ll be giving away a Max Factor makeup bag filled with these goodies:

  • Vivid Impact Eye Shadow Duo in Domino Effect (I have this, and its great for a classic smoky eye!)
  • MAXeye Liner in Fresh Coffee
  • Lipfinity 3D MAXwear Lip Color in 80’s Pink
  • Lash Perfection Volume Couture Mascara in Rich Black
  • $1 Off a Max Factor product

To enter, just leave a comment with the following:

1. A Beautè Noire feature you’d like to see more of (i.e. Product Reviews, Fab or Drab, Beauty News, etc.).

2. A Beautè Noire feature you’d like to see less of.

3. A feature you would like to see added to Beautè Noire.

The deadline to enter is 11:59 PM CST June 14th. One winner will be selected at random and announced on June 15th! U.S. Residents only.

Good Luck!

  • misstrishdelish

    Great idea for a giveaway!

    1. I would love to see more Product Reviews with like photo progress or looks you got with them and fab or drab of course.

    2. Honestly nothing really I think there's a good balance of everything.

    3. Maybe a blog sale every now and than just for fun? LOL not sure you have pretty much everything needed already :)

  • Amber

    1. Product reviews! More please! 😉 I love love love reading these.

    2. Nothing! It's your blog, and it is awesome the way that it is.

    3. Maybe a sale or coupon code section? I love finding good sales or coupon codes on the web, so it would be nice to see them archived and easy to find all on on awesome blog!

    Thank yoooou :)
    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  • Beauté Noire

    Hey Ladies!

    Thanks for entering! I'll keep the product reviews coming, and be on the lookout for some beauty deals in the coming days!

  • Carolyn G

    I want to see more reviews with giveaways!

    There is nothing I want to see less of.

    I would like to see maybe a post from beauty experts giving us tips.

  • Beauté Noire

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Miami Minx

    1. Would love to see a MINX NAILS feature in Beauty News…

    2. Honestly, I'm just arriving…

    3. Keep doing what you're doing! This is a beautiful blog!

  • Beauté Noire

    Actually, I was looking for someone in my city who does Minx nails!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Beaute Noire,

    1. Definitely want more product reviews. Perhaps once a week one of your followers can also provide a product review.
    2. Love your blog the way it is. No need to see less of anything. :-)
    3. I would like to see reviews on various Hair & Spa salons added as a new feature.

    Thanks & Good Luck to All,

  • Sherry

    Product duplicates and comparisons—low-end to high-end!

  • Eve

    1) We are the same complexion so I would like to see more product reviews.

    2) Celebs and Some of the total beauty quizes things

    3) Have other women talk about what products they like.

  • SeptemberLovely

    1 – I'd like to more giveaways! I mean – c'mon – who wouldn't? You can never have too many!

    2 – I can't think of a THING I'd like less of here! You have a GREAT blog and – as they say – don't fix something if it ain't broke!

    3 – Maybe instructions and/or tips? Maybe I just didn't see, since I'm pretty new to blog, but I know I LOVE when I find great tips on how to use and/or combine products to make new and improved looks, along with instructions on how to pull off certain looks (i.e. smokey eye – I still don't get it).

  • Danielle L

    1. I want to see more reviews with giveaways because they are fun and informative!

    2. I dont't think there is nothing I want to see less of, I love it all!

    3. I would like to see guest posts from beauty experts or other fashion bloggers.

  • hi

    1. Giveaways, Drugstore reviews
    2. IDK all your posts are valuable!
    3. Maybe a weekly roundup of all the current makeup deals and codes (I can never keep track of all the Sephora codes!)

  • aaj83


    1) more of beauty reviews..and yaay…no one would mind giveaways! 😉
    2)i definitely don't want to see the "Total Beauty" features..i see them EVERYWHERE :-/
    3) hmm…a new feature…more of deals and websites which sell makeup for cheap…AUTHENTIC stuff that is :)

  • AmyLynn

    1. I would love to see more product reviews & giveaways.

    2. I cannot think of anything to have less of.

    3. I would love a section with different discounts (sales) for beauty products, or discount codes (free shipping/% off) for online beauty stores.

  • Leane

    1. I would love to see more giveaways, of course, just like all the other greedy little beauties (said lovingly!)
    The product reviews are great.

    2. Less? Nobody likes less of a good thing.

    3. I would also be one of the gals who would love to have a section for freebie links (especially), and coupons or discounts.
    I would love to see more great {daily} home pedicure/manicure tips, and even skin care tips in general since it is your largest organ and needs great care.

  • Jackie

    I think more product reviews would be great! :)

    I think everything's great and nothing should be shortened down.

    I would love to see some coupon section or sale notification!

    Thank you! :)

  • Catherine

    1. I would like to see more of How-tos, like your "How to Lighten Your Brows". Helpful and informative!

    2. Me personally, I don't go for the "Beauty News", but I'm just one out of hundreds!

    3. I'd like to see maybe some videos? That would be cool.

  • Awiii

    1. I would like to see how to do videos or photo steps because I need help! Reviews of products are always welcome.

    2. It's my first time here, so I am not sure.

    3.Maybe you could feature the videos I mentioned in #1, or a session where you have makeup artists, dermatologists etc. answer reader questions.

    Thank you!!!

  • MMT

    1. A Beautè Noire feature you'd like to see more of: Giveaways (omg, I just love giveaways!), drugstore product reviews (you do have a lot, but even more would be nice)

    2. A Beautè Noire feature you'd like to see less of: none, really.

    3. A feature you would like to see added to Beautè Noire. A few videos, especially tutorials.

  • Amanda

    I'd love to see more reviews and giveaways, less of nothing and I'd love to see tutorials added to your blog!

  • deedee

    More giveaways please! Everything is OK in my opinion but make-up tips and advice for different ethnicities like Asian would be great!

  • MARY

    1. Love the product reviews.

    2.Nothing less… Doing an excellent job!

    3. How to videos…

  • Roxy

    1. Giveaways!
    2. NOTHING
    3. daily make-up tip

    hockiemack at

  • Shelly

    1. reviews with giveaways

    2. There is nothing I want to see less of.

    3. more make-up tips.

  • throuthehaze

    1. Reviews/giveaways
    2. nothing!
    3. lists of sales

  • Theresa

    1. Love to see product reviews
    2. Can't think of anything to see less of!
    3. An feature that compares an expensive product with a less expensive version of the same item.

  • Lee5458

    Moe pics with the reviews? Blog the BOMB? As far as less?? Nothing!! MORE, MORE, MORE!! Thanks!!

  • Grace

    1. I'd love to see more giveaways because they're fun 😀
    2. Nothing less!
    3. Something with dupes, such as a dept. store item to a drugstore item and reviews for both/comparison


  • Cherry Blossoms

    1. Reviews and Giveaways!
    2. Nothing…I love your site!
    3. Maybe self tanner reviews

    CherryBlossomsDesign at hotmail

  • stormvikki

    1. My favorite feature is the product review
    2. Not really anything less.
    3. Anti-aging products, stories, etc.